Monday, May 14, 2012

iOS US Education Market Numbers

The other day, I was wondering how the iOS education market has evolved since the launch of the iPad. Since my app Montessori Crosswords is in the app store since 8/2010 and sales have been pretty stable, I thought this could be a good candidate to get some insights about the market evolution. So I decided to compare my revenue per day for this app (note that Montessori  Crosswords is a universal app) :

MonthUSA Avg Revenue/DayAvg US Top Grossing Education Rank iPadAvg US Top Grossing Education Rank iPhone

Note that another app may have a better revenue/day with a higher average top grossing rank because revenue are not linear with top grossing rank and because it is an everage over the month. The goal is just to show -roughly- how the market is evolving.

Montessori Crosswords US Revenue vs US Education Top Grossing Ranks. 

Note that smaller ranking is - of course- better.

Of course,  we would need much more data if we wanted to analyze precisely the market (eg one doesn't know how much sales are on iPad and iPhone, the ranking are not the same so it is really possible to normalize,...). But it offers some insights. For example, if you compare 3/2011 and 3/2012 you see that there is a 66% increase in revenue despite the rank is really not good as in 2011. So yes the market is larger (ok, you already know that).


  1. Many thanks for sharing these numbers. They are really useful for any indie developer (and maybe their investors!)

  2. Bonjour Pierre,

    Thank you for sharing your App experience!

    Looking at another post regarding localization. I was wondering if you tried the cross-promotion approach to provide more awareness to your app(s)in other countries (or even in your own country)?

    Creating partnership to increase your overall ecosytem to provide more apps that respond to a full scope to your target segment. It could be partnership or even joint venture if it makes sense. But what's great about it, is that you partner with a local and recognized app portfolio that carry you across the process and you do the same with your own customer base. App users are asking more and more for a full solution. Any thought on that?

    Thanks! Jean-Michel --

  3. Thank you for sharing your sales figures! I've been trying to come up with some realistic projections and this is very helpful.

  4. The goal is just to show -roughly- how the market is evolving.Google Play